Is your weight and overall appearance causing you to be depressed?

Does it decrease your confidence and hold you back from trying new things like going for that dream job or buying those beautiful, sexy clothes that you think you would never look good in?

Are you ready to dump the closet full of frumpy “Mom wear” for some hot designer jeans?

Do you long for the day when you get out of bed in the morning and proceed throughout your busy routine with strength, enjoyment and enthusiasm and still have energy left over when the kids go to bed?

When you walk down the street, do you wish you could see the reflection of the lean you in those store windows?

Are you looking for that satisfying, permanent solution that allows you to feel your best, look your best and get the very best out of your life?


Do you know that the typical American diet is making you sick? Are you concerned about developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, skin disorders, digestive problems, autoimmune disorders, neurological disorders and obesity?

The consequences of the typical American diet and lifestyle choices can:

  • Cause chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer
  • Ruin your quality of life
  • Create debilitating daily circumstances
  • Make you irritable, anxious or depressed
  • Prevent you from enjoying recreation and hobbies
  • Cause lost time at work and decreased pay
  • Cost you a lot of money in health bills
  • Make you gain weight

If you don’t take control of your life by learning how to make the choices that your body needs to experience thriving health, there’s a good chance you will experience one or more of these serious consequences sooner or later.

The Living Lean and Healthy program allows you to gain the knowledge and specific, easy to implement action steps to turn your health and life around! I’m not asking you to give up food that tastes great. You just need to get rid of the foods in your diet that are literally poisoning you! You really can prepare food with healthy, highly nutritious whole food ingredients that are tasty enough to replace that chocolate cake or bread that you know is making you fat and unhealthy.

I have had clients tell me they just can’t live without sweets. I tell them, you don’t have to! You just have to change the type of sweets you eat and the ingredients that go into your food then I give them recipes to make cookies, brownies and other deserts that they don’t have to feel guilty about. You would be so surprised at the delicious things you can make with super healthy ingredients you can’t even believe! I always get testimonials from clients telling me that the Living Lean and Healthy program has allowed them to conquer their unhealthy food cravings.

At the start of the Living Lean and Healthy program, I had food cravings that caused me to gain weight, which also left me tired and drained with very little energy to get through my day. Dr. Schiel showed me how to replace the unhealthy food cravings I was having with delicious choices that would increase my metabolism and help me get thin again. Right in the beginning of the program, her 10 Living Lean and Healthy breakfast choices kick started my steady weight loss. I lost 12 lbs. in the first couple of months on the program!

I’ve noticed that the Living Lean and Healthy program gives me more energy which makes life a whole lot easier with my very active 2 year old son. Dr. Schiel also helped me kick my diet soda habit with more healthy changes she suggested during our consultations.

-Sue Wright

Before I began the Living Lean and Healthy program, I tried many different diets to lose weight. None of them worked. I am happy to say however, that Dr. Schiel’s program is giving me results I am absolutely thrilled about! First she taught me how eating the starchy food I craved was essentially equivalent to eating a candy bar after my body broke it down.

In the first module, she gave me ten specific Living Lean and Healthy breakfast choices to replace the bagels, pancakes and unhealthy breakfast sandwiches I used to eat and crave. I was surprised that her new choices were satisfying enough for me to want them every day. They also were filling enough to get me straight through to lunch. This one change alone allowed me to lose 15 lbs. during the first half of the program!

-Heidi Stevens


  • Never have weight worries again so you can experience the joy of having a lean, attractive body.
  • Create a shift in body chemistry to crave healthy foods instead of being a slave to sugary sweets and carbs.
  • Discover foods that increase your metabolism and avoid foods that slow down metabolism and pack on pounds.
  • Find out new and exciting, flavorful ways to prepare vegetables.
  • Discover nutrient dense and delicious power foods that help you lose weight and experience boundless energy.
  • Experience a completely safe and healthy diet with no harmful preservatives or ingredients like caffeine stimulants or nasty chemical shakes.
  • Discover a diet that helps prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer so you can lead a long and healthy life.
  • Eliminate chronic yeast and viral infections and avoid associated discomfort.
  • Boost your immunity so you don’t lose time at work because you are sick.
  • Improve your digestion and never have that overstuffed of bloated feeling.
  • Sleep better at night and feel totally refreshed when you wake up.
  • Reduce and eliminate painful headaches that can ruin your day.
  • Reduce joint and muscle pain that interferes with daily activities, hobbies and sports.
  • Enjoy clear skin and end the worries of trying to cover up acne or unsightly skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.
  • Have more energy to increase productivity, achieve more and feel younger.
  • Improve brain function so you can feel less foggy and confused and start feeling stable and mentally clear.
  • Reduce physiological and emotional stress that prevents you from living a happy life.


I used to suffer with digestive problems due to Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) until my Mom began using the Living Lean and Healthy diet to help my condition. Dr. Schiel taught us why so many common foods we eat can cause so many health problems, including IBS. When I eat the Living Lean and Healthy way, my digestion is normal and I feel great!”

–Kimberly Walker


The Living Lean and Healthy program provides every opportunity for you to be successful at achieving a lean body, reducing daily stress and creating lifelong vibrant health. Dr. Schiel understands the struggle you face in your decision to lose weight and change your life because she’s been there.

Her wellness expertise, enthusiasm and caring guidance provides the ground work and direction people need to pursue and achieve the level of health they desire. Dr. Schiel also realizes that it’s not that people don’t want to change, they just don’t know how to change because of the unhealthy habits and lifestyle they have become accustom to in today’s modern society.

The Living Lean and Healthy program gradually provides you the information, in layman’s terms, to make healthy lifestyle choices.  You will shift your mind set to eat well out of preference and truly crave a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The cornerstone of the program, that allows the opportunity for your greatest success, is engaging in the process of anchoring. This process allows you to change your belief systems about negative and positive lifestyle choices by anchoring something negative in your mind to making an unhealthy choice and anchoring something positive in your mind to making a healthy choice.

Your level of health success is dependent on your belief systems. Gaining the knowledge and understanding to change your belief systems is the only way to permanently reverse a bad habit.

Anchor a positive thought to a positive lifestyle choice and a negative thought to a negative lifestyle choice and you will intentionally shift toward health and away from sickness.


The Living Lean and Healthy program is an easy to follow workbook series of eight modules written by health and wellness expert, Dr. Jennifer Schiel.

Through six years of intense research, Dr. Schiel spells out exactly what it takes to achieve your ideal healthy weight permanently, prevent diseases of the typical American lifestyle and finally put an end to your stress so you can get so much more out of your precious life!

The first 7 modules will teach you the uncommon and highly effective diet strategies that will prime your body for permanent weight loss, increased metabolism, disease prevention, more energy and less stress.

The 8th module gives you the critical shift in thinking and real motivational plan to get you into a healthy exercise routine that you know you need and you know will make you feel like a million bucks!

Module 8 also gives you comfortable everyday tools that will allow you to maximize your personal power to achieve emotional balance, less stress and more happiness in your life.

Each module includes a convenient accompanying audio recording that reinforces all the specific lifestyle action steps and concepts to help you make the permanent changes you’ve always wanted but never knew exactly how to do successfully.

You can also decide how quickly to implement each of the concepts and lifestyle action steps – make it work for you! Dr. Schiel recommends that you complete a new module every 2-4 weeks to make sure that you have time to adjust easily and successfully. This spaced implementation allows you to remain focused, enthusiastic and keep the vision of thriving health that you deserve! It also allows your body to adapt, cleanse and repair at a steady, gentle pace that will feel good.

I didn’t realize just how important it was to be fully informed as to where my food was coming from. I recommend the Living Lean and Healthy program to anyone who is concerned about how their food is processed and the potential health hazards of blindly trusting food manufacturers to produce healthy, quality products. Dr. Schiel’s program is a gradual step by step approach that corrects the threatening food and lifestyle mistakes we make every day. This program has inspired me to take charge of my health so that I can get the very best out of my life!

–Dave Ferland


Module 1  Find out how to conquer the #1 food addiction that causes weight gain and chronic disease.

Module 2  Learn how to cleanse and detoxify your body to set the stage for weight loss, increased energy, disease prevention and vibrant health.

Module 3  Discover why most people have weak immune systems and the types of foods that can create rock solid immunity

Module 4 Understand why the typical American diet creates a breeding ground for viruses, parasites, yeast and cancer cells. You will also learn how to implement the diet that prevents you from suffering from these unhealthy conditions.

Module 5 Discover the 3 Principles of Optimal Nutrition and Permanent Weight Loss. Understanding these 3 principles provides you with real motivation to dive into the Living Lean and Healthy Kitchen Cookbook. The principles and the cookbook make dietary lifestyle changes easy by taking the guess work out of food preparation.

Module 6 Learn the shocking truth about common ingredients in processed food that are causing most people to unknowingly experience generalized inflammation which leads to most chronic disease states. You will also learn how a few simple changes in diet can greatly reduce or prevent inflammation and protect your health.

Module 7 Uncover the negative health risks of caffeine and how to beat this addiction once and for all. In this module you will also discover how the common lack of this one essential nutrient could be wreaking havoc on your health.

Module 8 Motivates you to finally get the movement and exercise your body requires for absolute vibrant health! You will gain the knowledge it takes to understand and make a critical shift in your thinking and develop the driving force to get out there and move! Module 8 also gives you practical tools to maximize your personal power, create emotional balance and achieve a truly happy, harmonious state of mental wellness.


Dr. Schiel has created The Living Lean and Healthy Kitchen, a cookbook of almost one hundred recipes to prepare easy and delicious meals, deserts and snacks. This cookbook is also included in the program.

YES! I am ready to finally make PERMANENT changes to my health, have more energy and confidence. By making the commitment to myself to complete the Living Lean and Healthy program, I am taking charge of my future!

I will receive the Living Lean and Healthy workbook with EIGHT modules, progressively improving my diet, health and nutrition.  Each module also includes convenient audio CD’s. As a bonus I will also receive the downloadable Living Lean and Healthy Cookbook, with almost 100 easy to prepare, delicious and nutritious recipes (including the most decadent brownies ever!!!)


BUY NOW! $97



Before meeting Dr. Schiel, I had eczema on my elbows and forearms most of my life. Over the years, I tried every product out there with no relief. Dr. Schiel showed me how toxins were building up in my system causing my eczema. With some simple dietary detoxification changes, my eczema was completely gone in one month! Dr. Schiel also helped my 3 year old son get rid of the eczema on the palms of his hands in two weeks! In addition, I lost 8 pounds in the first two weeks!

–Dawn Piwonski

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